Daring Officer Helps Skunk With Head Stuck In Container

This is the funny moment a daring officer helps a skunk which has its head stuck inside a container.

The distressed skunk was filmed in the American city of Tewksbury located in the state of Massachusettes and was shared by the Tewksbury Police Department yesterday (Monday).

The video shows the moment a brave officer named Eric Hanley walks around the skunk at a parking lot, trying to best position himself and avoid being sprayed by the animal.

Credit: Newsflash

Hanley lunges towards the skunk but just misses the container on its head and is then seen walking back in case the animal squirts.

However, far from deterred, the officer approaches the skunk once more which continues to walk aimlessly trying to take the object off its head.

Hanley walks around the restless skunk before eventually seizing an opportunity and removing the plastic container from its head.

Both the officer and the skunk are seen running from each other as the person filming is heard celebrating the moment and the video comes to an end.

According to the Tewksbury PD Hanley “was able to safely and quickly rescue the skunk from his predicament without injury… or any unpleasant odours.”

Skunks are most known for a liquid composed of Sulfur-containing chemicals that have an offensive odour which is sprayed out of two anal glands as an effective defensive weapon.

Muscles next to the glands give skunks the ability to have an accurate discharge of up to 10 feet when spraying the liquid which can be smelled by a human nose as far as 3.5 miles downwind.

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Story By: Juan Fernandez, Sub-Editor: James King, Agency:  Newsflash

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