Dancing Bears Charm Zoo Visitors

These seemingly synchronised dancing bears were spotted by a zoo visitor could almost pass for a new type of boy band.

Videos of their performance emerged from a wildlife zoo in eastern China to the delight of visitors.

The truth, however, is that the bears were actually begging for food from their keepers.


Recently, in Oralburg Animal Kingdom zoo, located in Dezhou city, Shandong province, China, four brown bears were caught on camera by an amazed spectator, only named as Ms Li by local media, performing an interesting and unusual ritual of theirs in welcoming the zoo keeper who was bringing them food.

All four bears can be seen standing up on their hind legs in the video, joyfully greeting the keeper.

The two bears standing on the right put together their front paws as if they were begging for food, while the other two found on the farther left stood waving their paws, signalling a motion as if to say ”over here!”

Ms Li was apparently unable to hide her amusement with the four beggars, as she can be heard laughing throughout the video.

She later took to social media to share her fun experience with the rest of the world and posted the footage on Douyin, which is the Chinese version of the TikTok app, where it gained mass popularity.

She told local reporters: ” I went to the zoo to play and saw the breeder take the apples out of the bucket, and they waved to the breeder. I thought it was very funny.”

A user under the handle ‘Zhang Qizai’s growth story’ commented under the video: “I thought it was a human!”

Another user, ‘Dylan’ wrote: “They were like that when I went.”

The staff of Animal Kingdom zoo later came out with a statement, saying that the bears have not been trained and had learned this behaviour on their own, since they had become used to people being close by.

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Story By: Simona KitanovskaSub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

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