Cute Way Bald Eagle Pair Share Nest Building Duties

This video shows two rare bald eagles getting ready for the new nesting season as they bring in nest-building material to get things ready for the arrival of the young.

Two eggs have already been laid, indicating that the eagles are getting ready for their next generation, according to the USA Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) National Conservation Training Center (NCTC).

The peaceful scene shown here of the eagles sharing the task facing yet another tweet in place follows a drama of another eagle appearing to be trying to take over the nest.

However, the resident eagles quickly drove off the invader from their territory, and things quickly returned to normal.


Newsflash obtained this video from the USFWS along with a statement saying: “This bald eagle family needs you to stop scrolling and watch as they perform their branch manager duties.”

A spokesman said: “The video showcases the beauty and majesty of these magnificent birds as they work together to maintain their home.”

Bald eagles symbolise America’s natural heritage and are protected under federal law. The NCTC added that bald eagles are just one example of the successful conservation efforts that have helped to increase the population of these birds over the years.

Bald eagles perform their branch manager duties in undated footage. The bald eagle is a bird of prey found in North America. (@USFWS/Newsflash)

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