Cute Toddler Covers Dogs Ears As Firecrackers Let Off Nearby

This is the moment a cute toddler covers the ears of a dog while villagers let off firecrackers nearby.

The cute scene was filmed in the city of Gao’an in the Chinese province of Jiangxi, and the footage has been widely shared on the social network Douyin, which is what TikTok is known as in China.

During the Chinese New Year, many residents let off fireworks to celebrate the occasion, and one considerate toddler was filmed comforting a shaking dog.


The youngster noticed the dog was trembling while locals lit firecrackers nearby, and she suddenly covered its ears, filling her filming mother with pride.

In the footage, the girl is seen calmly patting the dog’s head by the side of the street as the air is filled by the sound of firecrackers being set off.

She looks around and quickly places her hands over the dog’s ears until the noise stops.

As soon as silence resumes, the toddler takes her hands off the pooch’s ears and returns to stroking its head.

The mother, name not disclosed, explained that the young girl had always been frightened by the sound of fireworks, and every time they were let off, she covered her daughter’s ears and told her ‘mummy is here, don’t be afraid’.

She added: “I have to say, I think this scene is really warm and loving. I also used to be frightened by the sound of firecrackers, but here, with the dog being afraid, my daughter was so cute.”

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Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorJoe Golder,  Agency: Asia Wire Report

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