Cute Injured Dog Runs Again After Using Wheelchair

This is the moment a helpless pooch who could not use his back legs plays happily with his canine friends after using a wheelchair until he could run with his pals again.

The cute white pooch, named Pijoito, was rescued by Marce Tabares a year ago in the town of Cota in the central Colombian department of Cundinamarca.

Marce, whose age has not been reported, noticed the three-month-old puppy had injuries to its belly and legs and it only weighed two kilograms (4.4 lbs) when she decided to adopt it.

Credit: CEN/@Marce_Tabares
Piojito, the dog with the wheelchair

The caring owner put Piojito through treatments and therapies to help him gain full mobility and she wrote on social media: “Therapies, vitamins, medicine, love and lots of patience, that was my day-to-day life and my entire family who were quite involved in getting Piojito another chance.”

In the video, the poor pooch can be seen dragging his rear legs behind him and barking as he walks.

The clip then shows Piojito in his first wheelchair, which he reportedly struggled to walk in. He is playing with a Dachshund in a similar wheelchair and onlookers can be heard cheering when he eventually begins running.

Credit: CEN/@Marce_Tabares
Piojito during the therapy

The cute dog was given a second wheelchair which he could control better and Marce wrote that the white pooch then surprised everyone when he suddenly began playing with his brothers during a rest from the wheelchair.

She wrote on social media: “So time passed, until one day, in a moment of rest from the wheelchair, Piojito surprised all of us and went out to play with his brothers.”

In the video, Piojito can be seen swimming in a pool and running around a garden after two other dogs without a wheelchair.

Credit: CEN/@Marce_Tabares/status
The dog Piojito with his friend

The video has received over 237,000 views online and netizens loved the touching story, with ‘dinirro’ commenting: “I wish everyone could do something for a better world, something like you have done, this world would be a better place, I am sure. What a beautiful woman, great work.”

And ‘minerva_1124’ said: “The most beautiful story I have read today. Thanks for sharing it, there are still good and compassionate human beings.”

The exact nature of the dog’s injuries has not been reported.

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