Couple Names 4 Sons After Tractors Beginning With C

A Danish couple has named their four sons after makes of tractors that all begin with the letter C like their Christian names.

Christoffer and Camilla Ellesoes from the Danish town of Torrild told reporters of the newspaper ‘Ekstra Bladet’ that they wanted their children to have names that started with the letter C like theirs.

According to reports, they named their first son Case like the agricultural equipment firm Case IH.

When their next two sons followed closed together, the parents opted for two other tractor producers beginning with C, Claas and Cormick, from McCormick.

Credit: Newsflash
Camilla Ellesoes and her youngest son Clayson Cilas

However, when a fourth son came along, they seemed to have run out of suitably-themed names.

In the end, they learned about a Belgian company that produced a tractor called Clayson and they decided that the name suited their fourth child.

According to the Danish name register, Case, Claas and Comick have all been given the formal nod, while the name Clayton is still pending approval, before the latest addition to the family can officially join the Ellesoe list of tractors starting with a C.

All four boys have a ‘normal’ middle name that also begins with C should they choose to ditch their tractor name later on.

The four boys are called Case Christian, 8, Claas Christoff, 5, Cormick Constantin, 3, and little Clayson Cilas who was born late last year.

Credit: Newsflash
The oldest kid on the tracktor toy

Denmark used to be quite restrictive about first names, but since the Danish name law was revised and liberalised in 2006, almost anything goes. That has caused a virtual explosion in approved names. Today, there are 22,251 approved Danish girls’ names and 18,195 boys’ names. The 2006 law also introduced unisex names for the first time. In this category, 1,054 have been approved so far.

The approved list includes many odd names that would have been inconcievable only a few years back, girls names such as Smiley, Story, Amen and Ninja, while the most fanciful boys names include Awesome, Cobra, Zenith, Yoda and Gandalf. As in most countries, however, the most popular Danish first names tend to be names that were popular generations ago and have come back in fashion. In 2020, the most popular first names are Emma, Alma and Clara among the girls, William, Alfred and Oscar among the boys.

The rules have traditionally been stricter for family names than first names. Before the introduction of Denmark’s first name law in 1828, patronyms were standard in Denmark. This meant that boys usually carried on their father’s first name as family name, with the addition „sen“ at the end, the short form of „the son of“. This tradition was abolished with the name law of 1828, and fully in accordance with the individuality trend seen with first names, many Danes have opted to shed their „-sen“ names in later years through marriage or by using their middle names as family names instead. To this day, however, -sen names such as Jensen, Christensen, Svendsen and Hansen continue to be the by far most common family names in Denmark.

Credit: Newsflash
Camilla Ellesoes’s sons with toy tractors

While the first name concept that the Ellesoe couple have thought out for their four boys may be extraordinarily particular, the Torrild tractor boys are not the only examples of colourful Danish concept siblings names – not even the only example inspired by four-wheeled vehicles. A car dealership owner from the Danish town of Silkeborg, for example, named his three daughters after his favourite cars: Mercedes, Carrera and Lotus.

Meanwhile, the Ellesoe couple said they do not plan to have more children, but if another baby were to come along, there would not be a problem as they have “carried out research and do have some ideas in mind”.

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