Coronavirus Measures Bad For Exorcisms

Exorcists are being prevented from doing their job because they have to use the telephone or wear gloves when driving out the devil.

That is is according to one of the world’s top exorcists, who says the strict measures imposed during the pandemic are making it difficult to perform exorcisms.

Father Cesare Truqui, the former secretary-general of the Sacerdos Institute of Rome, in Italy’s capital, commented on the phenomena in an interview with local media. (

Father Truqui said: “The fact is that during this whole period I have seen very few people, as little as 2 or 3.”

He added: “It is not that the devil is no longer acting, but rather due to health limitations.”

Credit: Newsflash
Exorcist, Don Matteo De Meo

Father Truqui explained: “During this period we have registered many cases linked to spiritual problems and difficult situations: Many cases linked to psycho-depressions.

“We have stuck to an initial dialogue with those who are ill. Exorcists, in general, are always attentive to the needs of people, even offering more than anything else psychological comfort via telephone.

“But I believe in the power of exorcism, so at most on the phone you can give a blessing but from kilometres away, Satan cannot be driven away”.

Father Truqui, considered one of the most accredited exorcists in the world, gives lectures to exorcists from all over the world in particular at courses organised by the Regina Apostolorum University in the Italian capital of Rome.

He lives between Italy and Switzerland and was speaking about the restrictions in Switzerland, saying: “There is no obligation to wear a mask. But social distancing is respected. But of course, you must put your hands on the person to drive out the devil, making it impossible to maintain this distance.”

An exorcist theologian Don Matteo De Meo also reported on the situation.

De Meo told news agency Adnkronos: “Exorcisms have actually decreased and where possible they are done with all the required precautions and wearing gloves and a mask”.

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Story By: Lisa-Maria Goertz, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

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