Chopper Dangerously Close To Boulders During Rescue

This is the moment the rotor blades of a rescue helicopter get dangerously close to massive boulders on the side of a mountain as they arrive to help a 43-year-old woman who fell 230 feet while hiking in the Pyrenees.

The accident took place on Sunday in the area known as Cresta de Llosas, near the Aneto mountain, the highest mountain in the Pyrenees located near the municipality of Benasque, in the northern Spanish province of Huesca in the Aragon region.

The Spanish Civil Guard reported in a press statement obtained by Newsflash that the emergency services of Aragon had been called by the man accompanying the victim informing them that she had fallen from the mountain near Aneto.

Credit: Newsflash

A Spanish Civil Guard spokesperson told Newsflash the relationship between the man who was “aged 45” but who was not named, and the victim, was “unknown”. He was in shock after the incident, but he had not been injured.

The woman had reportedly fallen 70 metres (229 feet).

Members of the Mountain Rescue and Intervention Group from the Spanish Civil Guard went to the scene of the accident with the helicopter support as can be seen in the video.

When they arrived, they found the immobile victim and the footage shows the moment of the recovery of the hiker.

The helicopter left the rescue team behind in order to fly the body back after ascertaining that the woman had died.

Credit: Newsflash
Moment of the rescue operation

The woman, whose name has not been revealed, was from Olesa de Montserrat, in Barcelona province, in eastern Spain.

Her body was lifted up to the helicopter and after landing in Benasque, the body was taken to the hospital of Huesca where it will undergo an autopsy to confirm the cause of death.

Cresta de Llosas is a mountain with several peaks that are around 3,000 metres high (9,842 feet).

The Spanish Civil Guard said that this weekend they carried out another 12 mountain rescues in different parts of the province of Huesca.

Credit: Newsflash
Moment of the rescue operation

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