Cancer Survivor Has Beard Growing Inside Throat

These pics show a full beard growing inside the throat of a cancer survivor before medics shaved the furry growth near his windpipe.

The freak medical case was handled by Doctor Wang Wen-lun, head gastroenterologist at E-Da Hospital in Taiwan’s south-western port city of Kaohsiung.

Credit: AsiaWire
The beard growing inside the patient’s throat

The unnamed patient, aged 60, had been diagnosed with stage-four throat cancer three years ago and underwent life-saving surgery to have his gullet removed.

His throat was then reconstructed using muscle and skin from his chin, the medic revealed.

However, six months later the cancer survivor returned complaining of irritation in his throat.

Doctor Wang explained: “It was especially uncomfortable for the patient because of a scratchy sensation he felt while swallowing. 

Credit: AsiaWire
The patient’s throat had been removed during cancer treatment and reconstructed using muscles and skin from his chin.

“It felt like there was something constantly in his throat and it caused a lot of coughing.”

An endoscopy led to the shock discovery that the patient had lengthy facial hair growing inside his throat.

Images of the bizarre find show the patient’s thick and long facial hairs covered in mucus and developing near his windpipe and oesophagus.

Doctor Wang said the patient underwent two stages of treatment to “shave” his beard and then remove the hair follicles using a laser.

Credit: AsiaWire
Doctor Wang Wen-lun of E-Da Hospital, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The patient is now free of discomfort, and the medic has urged any members of the public with similar symptoms to visit a specialist.

Doctor Wang revealed the benefits of using chin tissue for throat reconstruction include maintaining the structure of the existing blood vessels, reducing the probability of necrosis.

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