Bull With Flaming Horns Collapses In Heap After Colliding With Obstacle At Cruel Spanish Fiesta

This is the heartbreaking moment when a bull with its horns on fire charges into a wooden obstacle and lands on its back in a daze at a cruel Spanish fiesta.

The upsetting scenes were filmed at the “bou embolat” (bull with balls) festival in Morella, in the Valencia region, on 22nd July.

The footage shows how a group of men secure the terrified bull using a rope before attaching flammable material to its horns and setting the material alight.


As the confused animal runs around with flames billowing from its horns, it charges into a wooden structure, immediately knocking itself onto its back.

As it lies panting heavily on the ground with its legs in the air, cruel men run towards it in a bid to goad it into running around again for their entertainment.

Meanwhile, other men notice the person secretly filming and try to get them to stop – an action that is repeated in another piece of footage, also seen here.

The international animal rights organisation AnimaNaturalis said in a statement obtained by Newsflash: “Around 11.30pm on Saturday, the bullfighting contest of Morella began in a bullring filled with young children.

“From the first few minutes, activists who were there to record the event were singled out by the announcer, who used the loudspeaker to describe their appearance and initiated harassment against them for using cameras.

“The most tense situation of the event occurred after the second bull had flaming balls attached to its horns.

“The rope tied to its horns was not cut correctly, and the bull started running in terror with the balls still attached.

“Once it managed to shake off the ’embolador’ holding its tail, the bull rushed and hit its head forcefully against a wooden crate in the ring.

Picture shows the bull struggling with rope in Morella, Spain, on Saturday, July 22, 2023. Out of four bulls used, two suffered accidents at a contest. (AnimaNaturalis/Newsflash)

“The bull collapsed, visibly dazed. Immediately, several fans ran to our team shouting, ‘Lower the camera!’

“A group of men positioned themselves in front, even grabbing the cameras menacingly.

“Amid mockery and sexist remarks, the group justified their actions, admitting that the scene ‘was not pleasant’ and expressing their desire to keep ‘the darkest aspects’ of the festival from being recorded, as described by a bullfighting enthusiast.

“Several minutes passed before the organisers managed to drag the animal back to the holding pens.

“It continued to stumble and fall repeatedly in the ring, although it was impossible to capture images of the moment.

“Our investigative team feared for their physical safety and experienced moments of extreme tension.

Picture shows the bull collapsing in Morella, Spain, on Saturday, July 22, 2023. Out of four bulls used, two suffered accidents at a contest. (AnimaNaturalis/Newsflash)

“Even after this group of fans had left, they continued to receive kicks from behind and mocking comments through the loudspeaker.

“Concerning the bull’s health, there was never any public acknowledgment that it was okay, nor was there any expression of regret for the dramatic incident.

“The scene repeated itself minutes after the third ’embolada’ when another bull charged into a massive tangle of ropes that participants had left in the arena.

“The bull ended up with its head entangled in a heavy coil of rope, with the risk of catching fire.

“Quickly, the same men and some other fans started covering the cameras and berating the two activists.”

Picture shows the bull charging in Morella, Spain, on Saturday, July 22, 2023. Out of four bulls used, two suffered accidents at a contest. (AnimaNaturalis/Newsflash)

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Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

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