Badly Burnt Cat Called Magma Spent Weeks Wandering Around Spanish Volcano Island Before Rescue

This badly burnt cat called Magma has had its whiskers frazzled and paws charred after it spent weeks wandering the Spanish island of La Palma under a volcanic ash cloud before being rescued.

The cat survived the ordeal but was badly injured, having had its whiskers partially burnt off by the high temperatures on the Canary Island of La Palma, where the Cumbre Vieja volcano has been spewing ash and lava since 19th September.

In the footage that was shared with Newsflash today (4th November) by the local animal rights organisation, the white cat is seen undergoing a check-up after it was rescued by two local men named by the organisation as Carles Rabada and David Melero. The two rescuers named the cat ‘Magma’, according to

The cat’s white fur has been badly tainted by the steady stream of ash that has been spewing from the volcano.

According to, the cat had been wandering aimlessly on the island for several weeks while getting covered in ash and inhaling the toxic fumes from the volcanic eruption.

The charity added that cats are being completely forgotten about by the local government and are essentially “invisible” despite the great number of them currently struggling to survive on the island.

Magma, the cat that survived several weeks in the ashes and next to the lava on La Palma.

The cat in the footage was cleaned up by the vets and underwent several examinations including one on its eyes, which had been affected by the ash and the fumes.

The cat’s paws had been badly burnt from walking on the hot ground and were wrapped up by the vet to speed up their recovery.

The cat was then fed and given something to drink before being put in a cat cage with a thick blanket to rest and recover.

Magma, the cat that survived several weeks in the ashes and next to the lava on La Palma.
( has been advocating for better protection of pets on the island since the eruption began.

It is currently calling for the local government to dispatch drones to monitor the location and status of pets that have been abandoned while preparing plans to rescue the distressed animals. has launched a GoFundMe page to cover the vet bills of the animals rescued from the island. Donations can be made via this link: and the organisation said that it is looking for a loving family to adopt Magma.

The volcanic eruption has seen thousands of people evacuated in thousands of homes destroyed over the last seven weeks.

Ash clouds have been disrupting flights and the authorities have urged locals to stay indoors as the fumes from the volcano blanket parts of the island.

Over 100 small earthquakes have been recorded daily by the authorities of the last few days.

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Story By: Peter Barker, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

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