Baby Thrown Off Terrace Wedged Between 2 Walls Alive

This is the moment Mexican rescuer workers save a newborn baby girl who cops believe was thrown from a rooftop terrace by her mum and she survived after her tiny body was wedged between two walls.

It was also revealed that the youngster, not even a day old, was then breastfed by a woman firefighter and that restored colour to her face before she was taken to hospital.

The incident took place on Plutarco Elias Calles Street in the colony of Santiago Norte in the municipality of Iztacalco located in the central Mexican state of Mexico State, and the local authorities are still looking for the mother, who has apparently gone on the run.

Video Credit: CEN/SSC

Investigators believe that the mother, not named, threw her newborn from a roof terrace and the baby girl ended up between the walls of two buildings after falling around three metres.

The emergency services were notified when residents called to report the sound of baby cries coming from behind a wall.

Rescue workers spotted the baby between the walls at a depth of three metres (9.8 feet) and noticed blood marks on the bricks so they decided to break open one wall to save the girl, according to reports.

The video shows firefighters and rescue workers breaking the wall before wrapping the newborn in a thermal blanket.

Credit: CEN/SSC
Moment of the rescue of the newborn trapped in the wall

Local media said the baby was treated by paramedics who diagnosed her with bradycardia (slow heart rate) and she was taken to hospital.

It is believed the baby was no more than 24 hours old.

Firefighter and mother-of-four Eloisa Quijano breastfed the infant, telling local media: “The baby accepted the milk very well. She only had around six millilitres when her face started to change colour.”

The unnamed mother is still missing and the local authorities are trying to track her down as the investigation continues.

Meanwhile, the baby girl remains in hospital and is said to be out of danger.

Credit: CEN
Eloisa, the firefighter who breastfed the newborn girl

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