Apartment Block Management Sued By Stray Cats For Trying To Evict Them With Feeding Ban

Twenty-two cats are taking legal action against the managers of an apartment complex after they tried to evict the animals from the premises.

The felines including Blackie, Pearl and Warrior are all named as plaintiffs in court documents filed against the administrators of the apartment block in the city of Joao Pessoa in the north-eastern Brazilian state of Paraiba after they tried to force them out by cutting off their food.

The complainants are being backed in the legal action by an animal charity, with the case centred around the fact that many of the cats have lived in the building block for many years – longer than some of its human residents.

The residents care for the felines, leaving water and food out for them and taking them to the vet’s when they need medical care.

However, the building administration ended up telling the residents not to care for the cats, which prompted the decision to help the cats file a legal complaint to protect their rights.

The plaintiffs as per the legal documents are revealed to be Mae de Todos (Mother of All), Mostarda (Mustard), Pretinha (Blackie), Escaminha (Tortoiseshell), Bubuda, Guerreiro (Warrior), Wesley, Perola (Pearl), Medroso (Timid), Juliete, Assustado (Scared), Preta (Black), Atleta (Athlete), Aparecido, Rainha (Queen), Esposo (Husband), Doida (Crazy), Branca (White), Oncinha (Little Jaguar), Maria-Flor, Matuto (Hick) and Sol (Sun).

According to Francisco Garcia of the Animal Justice Centre at the Federal University of Paraiba, the building administration is responsible for the cats’ welfare, according to state law.

He said: “When animals are abandoned in condominium buildings, they are responsible for the animals’ safekeeping and welfare. They must feed them, quench their thirst, take them to the veterinarian when necessary, and control the population to avoid procreation within the space.”

Representatives from the Animal Justice Centre and the building administration met in May to try to come to an agreement, but they were unsuccessful, with the case subsequently escalating and ending up in court.

According to the lawsuit, all the cats are neutered apart from one, which is still too young, all have been dewormed, and they are all regularly given vitamins.

The document also states that some of the cats resorted to eating rubbish after the building administration told residents not to feed the felines.

The lawyer said: “We filed an action for indemnity for individual and collective moral damages, and also a request for an injunction involving obligations such as for the manager not to oblige people to not give food to the animals.”

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Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorJames King, Agency: Newsflash

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