Angry Chimp Hurls Rock At Group Of Zoogoers

Angry chimp hurls a rock at a packed group of zoogoers, including numerous children, narrowly missing them as it went flying through the air.

The footage was captured at Shanghai Wildlife Park in the city of Shanghai in Eastern China, and shared on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, on 30th April.

The footage shows the group of zoogoers observing a group of what appears to be chimpanzees in their enclosure.

One of the animals appears to be angered by the presence of the crowd, as it suddenly grabs a rope, that it uses to swing itself toward the zoogoers and pick up momentum.


In a ‘Tarzan-like’ move, the primate then unleashes the rock at the group, and some of the visitors are seen trying to take cover from the attack.

The zoo later claimed that a zoogoer apparently fed fruit to the chimpanzee that day, making the animal think that it was being attacked, although it was unclear why that should be the case.

The staff of the Shanghai Wildlife Park also temporarily removed the animal from the enclosure following the incident.

This is not the first occurrence of such attacks being made on zoogoers.

Earlier this year, two more incidents of primates attacking zoogoers were recorded at a zoo in Nanning, in Guangxi Province.

A woman recorded her ordeal when a gorilla started tearing up handfuls of mud and grass as soon as he saw the woman.

Chimp throws stones towards tourists in Shanghai Wildlife Park in China, undated. Some tourists threw food inside trying to feed them. (161195003/AsiaWire)

The powerful gorilla hurled his mud bombs at her as she walked around the perimeter.

Luckily he missed but he did appear to catch another luckless spectator who didn’t duck in time.

The second incident, filmed at the same zoo, captured the moment a chimpanzee threw a mineral water bottle at a girl who was trying to film him.

The young woman’s mother, who was not named, told how she had been enjoying the zoo visit until the moment when her daughter was injured in the eye by the mineral water bottle thrown by the chimp.

The eye of the girl, whose age is unknown but is said to be minor, reportedly started bleeding from the blow, although there was no further update on her condition.

Chimp throws stones towards tourists in Shanghai Wildlife Park in China, undated. Some tourists threw food inside trying to feed them. (161195003/AsiaWire)

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Story By: Filip DzambazoskiSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Asia Wire Report

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