Ancient Skulls, Bones Found While Digging Swimming Pool

An archaeological site with ancient skulls and bones from a civilisation that dates back to 200 BC has been found when a family decided to dig a swimming pool in their backyard.

The discovery of the site took place in Villa El Sendero, in the Municipality of Quillota, located in Valparaiso Region in Central Chile, on Wednesday morning, 21st October,

The family was working on installing the swimming pool in their backyard, when they discovered human skulls, and raised the alarm with authorities.

Right after, the Governor of Quillota, Ivan Cisternas Tapia, together with personnel from the government, confirmed the discovery of the archaeological site in an official statement.

Credit: @MuseoQuillota/Newsflash
The remains found during the construction works

At first glance, according to the professionals, there are human skeletons and vessels of Llolleo origin, a culture that inhabited the valley from 200 BC to 800 AD.

This civilization, part of the pre-hispanic history of Chile, had a culture of hunter-gatherers particularly known for their ability to also create pottery.

Regarding the discovery, governor Cisternas said that “it is a very important finding.”

Furthermore he “congratulated the homeowners for the responsibility and commitment they showed by immediately notifying the relevant officials.”

He added that this activated “the protocols of the Municipality of Quillota” and “now the following work is in the hands of our National Monuments staff.”

Violeta Abarca, Bio-anthropologist at the Quillota Museum said: “We are super happy because it confirms that Quillota is a city that has been inhabited for a long time.”

She added that the discovery is “archaeological evidence of inhabitants from more than 2,000 years ago in the area”, as reported in ElObservador Newspaper from Uruguay.

Leaders from the Association of Native Peoples also arrived to the house to pray in front of the remains of the ancestral culture found in the excavation.

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Story By: Pol F, Sub-Editor: Joana Mihajlovska, Agency: Newsflash

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