Adorable Red-Bellied Lemur Born At Spanish Zoo

This adorable footage shows a rare red-bellied lemur clinging to its parents shortly after its birth at a Spanish zoo.

The species, whose scientific name is Eulemur rubriventer, is endemic to the rainforests of eastern Madagascar.

It is listed as “vulnerable” on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Species.

This is because its habitat has been reduced due to slash-and-burn farming, illegal logging, and even hunting.

Bioparc Valencia/Newsflash

The adorable red-bellied lemur was born at Bioparc Valencia, which is home to six different lemur species.

Lemurs are primates endemic to the island of Madagascar, where they evolved independently from monkeys and apes.

Bioparc Valencia said in a statement obtained by Newsflash on 29th June: “Madagascar is one of the internationally recognised ‘hotspots’ of biodiversity.

“These are true ‘hotspots’ that experts and conservationists have focused their attention on due to being severely threatened areas with a high number of native species.

“The case of this beautiful island in the Indian Ocean is particularly concerning because it separated from the African continent 160 million years ago and has evolved in isolation.

“As a result, 80 per cent of its species are endemic, meaning they can only be found in this specific place on the planet.

“The natural richness of Madagascar is becoming its worst enemy, as the massive destruction of different habitats is putting these species at risk of extinction.

“The objective of BIOPARC Valencia is to bring the beauty of nature closer to society in order to involve people in its conservation.

Red bellied lemur, whose species is endangered, was born in the Spanish zoo of Bioparc Valencia, June 2023. (Bioparc Valencia/Newsflash)

“For this reason, the park includes an exclusive area that recreates the Tsingy of Madagascar, reserves declared as World Heritage Sites.

“The design of the immersive zoo allows visitors to walk through the enclosure among six different species of lemurs, the largest number in Spain, and now witness one of the most adorable sights: a beautiful red-bellied lemur cub (Eulemur rubriventer).

“Firmly held by its parents, one can observe the natural behaviour of this species, which is classified as vulnerable to extinction on the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List and has a worrying declining trend in its fragmented population.

“BIOPARC is the only park on the Iberian Peninsula where this lemur species can be admired, one of the few that forms monogamous pairs and in which both the male and female take care of the offspring.

“The animal care team is committed to ensuring the maximum well-being of the group and monitors the development of the cub, whose sex is still unknown.

“It is worth noting that this hopeful birth occurs within the international preservation programme (ESB) in which BIOPARC participates, aiming to ensure the survival of this particular species.

Red bellied lemur, whose species is endangered, was born in the Spanish zoo of Bioparc Valencia, June 2023. (Bioparc Valencia/Newsflash)

“Additionally, the Valencia park is one of the few places where a pair of fossas can be seen, an extremely rare animal that is the top predator in Madagascar.

“On the other hand, the BIOPARC Foundation is also involved in the protection of the environment and the different species of Madagascar, aiming to maintain this paradisiacal island as a safe home for its rich biodiversity.”

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Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

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