Abandoned Otter Pup Seeks Human Help

This is the adorable otter pup that is said to have sought humans for help after it was abandoned in the forest far from a water source.

The otter was discovered by two employees of Tierrettung Oberoesterreich (Animal Rescue Upper Austria) who were walking through a forest in the district of Mitterkirchen im Machland in the northern Austrian state of Upper Austria.

Credit: CEN/Tierrettung Oberoesterreich
The adopted baby otter

The NGO’s spokeswoman Nathalie Karner said: “Both of them were walking their dogs when they suddenly heard an extremely loud squeaking noise.

“Shortly afterwards, the otter pup was there right in front of them.”

According to the Austrian animal shelter, it is very unusual for a wild animal to come so close to humans.

Karner said that the cute otter even allowed the two employees to pet it and pick it up.

NGO members do not know why the pup was alone but presumed that it had been abandoned by its mum.

Karner said: “There is no water near the site where it was found.”

Credit: CEN/Tierrettung Oberoesterreich
The adopted baby otter

Animal carer Tamara B. took up the task of nourishing the baby otter.

Cute pictures show animal carers feeding the otter from a bottle and letting it fall asleep in their arms.

The animal shelter decided to name it Gottfried after one of their recently deceased neighbours.

It has not been reported if there are any long-term plans to release Gottfried back into the wild.

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Story By: Koen BerghuisSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News


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