Abandoned Eyeless Kitten Adopted By Vets Who Saved Her

An abandoned kitten born with no eyes really fell on her feet.

The youngster, originally doomed to a short, painful life, has become a social media star after she was adopted by the two vets who helped to save her.

Two-month-old tortoiseshell-coated Vick was found virtually helpless and abandoned on the streets of Catanduva, a city in Sao Paolo State, Brazil.

But when rescuers took her to Francyeli Salino and her 26-year-old girlfriend Barbara Nigro for treatment they found they could not let her go.

Picture shows the cat Vick with Francyeli Salino (left) and Barbara Nigro (right) undated. It was abandoned on the streets of Catanduva (SP), Brazil, undated. (@vick_gatinhaespecial/CEN)

Now Vick shares the couple’s luxury apartment and has nearly 300, 000 Instagram followers watching her video posts.

One adorable clip shows Vick swaying her head from side to side as she tries to get a fix on where sounds are coming from.

Francyeli, 28, told local media: “Everything was fine with her, she just has a visual impairment which is called bilateral anophthalmia.

“She stayed with us until we decided where she was going to and who could adopt her. Then I fell in love and decided to adopt her.”

Picture shows the cat Vick, undated. It was abandoned on the streets of Catanduva (SP), Brazil, undated. (@vick_gatinhaespecial/CEN)

Followers enjoy watching videos of Vick’s outings to the local park and a shopping centre being led on a leash or pushed in a handcart by her owners.

One of the most popular recent videos shows Vick cuddling up with Francyeli and tenderly licking her owner’s face as the vet gets a tattoo of the cat on her forearm.

Another cute video shows the fearless feline having her teeth brushed by her owner.

Vick also caused a stir by winning a cat food firm’s nationwide beauty contest.

Francyeli admits having been unsure about taking on the disabled kitten as she already owns six cats.

The young vet explained: “I ended up keeping her because she is very affectionate and a special kitten.

Picture shows the cat Vick, undated. It was abandoned on the streets of Catanduva (SP), Brazil, undated. (@vick_gatinhaespecial/CEN)

“I was worried, my God, who is going to adopt this cat? Because she needed support, she couldn’t return to the street.”

But she added: “Just like my other kittens, she leads a normal life.

“She knows where her litterbox and her food bowl are. Vick is super smart.”

Francyeli added: “Our desire is to discover more and more other places. She can’t see but she feels and smells everything.”

And Vick’s fans just lap it up.

Social media user ‘Natassiamassarani’ commented: “She’s way too beautiful!”

‘Andreagouveia’ added: “How beautiful our star is!”

Picture shows Vick, from Catanduva (SP) in Brazil, that was voted the most beautiful in the country in a competition, undated. It was born without both eyes. (@vick_gatinhaespecial/CEN)

‘Lgsuliani’ called her a “beautiful little princess” while ‘Anabezerra35’ exclaimed: “Oh, how I love this princess!”

And ‘Myrtes.amaral’ concluded: “She’s more majestic every day!”

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