Actress Greets Couriers In Just Panties As COVID Thank U

This is the moment a stunning Russian actress greets a series of delivery men in nothing but a pair of tiny knickers and a face mask to thank them for their service during the coronavirus lockdown.

Actress Maria Rein, 23, decided to bare all for the delivery men to show her appreciation for their work in the city of St Petersburg in the north-western Russian region of Leningrad Oblast.

In the video, she can be seen posing in the mirror in nothing but a thong and a face mask before a string of delivery men come to her front door.

Credit: Newsflash/Heavy Rain

She greets the surprised men completely topless, thanking them for their work. Some of the men appear to be struggling to know where to look as they hand over food, with one saying “oh my God”.

Some of the men then begin trying to touch the actress’s ample chest but Rein just responds with “excuse me sir” as she moves away.

Towards the end of the clip she explains to some of the couriers that her flesh-baring display “was my way of saying ‘thank you”.

One of the older delivery men jokes that he is going “to make a note” so that the company always sends him to the actress’ address whilst others take selfies with her.

The clip, which is made up of footage taken between 29th March and 23rd May, is going viral on social media, having been viewed over 100,000 times in under two days.

Rein told Newsflash: “I once ordered food and a courier delivered it earlier than was supposed to and I was taking a shower at that moment and had to meet him with only a towel on my body.

Credit: Newsflash/Maria Rein

“He was tired but a huge smile broke on his face after he saw me. This is when I decided to reward these guys for their hard work.”

She said that several delivery men offered to take her on a date, adding to Newsflash: “One of them even offered to give me the food for free if I let him into the apartment. Of course, he got a no.”

She says she plans more stunts in the future and she told local media: “My body is just an instrument for me. It’s like a coat for me that helps me in my life.”

The actress is not a stranger to controversy, telling Newsflash she once poured bleach on men who were ‘manspreading’ on the metro.

The relevant video was provided by Maria showing as she pours the liquid onto the men who sat down in the metro with their legs widely opened.

Maria explained that she used 30 litres (6.6 gallons) of water diluted with six litres of bleach which caused an instant spot on the man’s pants.

She wanted to show people the exact place which these men are being driven by when ‘manspreading’ in public.

Credit: Newsflash/Maria Rein
Maria is spreading bleach concentrate on men, who were ‘manspreading’ on the metro

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