Wildlife Photographer Captures Deer With Christmas Lights Wrapped Around Its Antlers

This wildlife photographer captured an amazing photograph of a deer with a set of Christmas lights wrapped around its antlers that it has most likely carried since a mishap with festive season decorations.

Italian photographer Mario Barito captured the beautiful, yet heart-breaking photograph in the mountainous area of Cortina, in the heart of the southern Alps in the Italian region of Veneto, on 21st March.

Mario has immortalised the animals of the Veneto forests with his camera for years.

He told local media outlet Corriere delle Alpi: “It is not difficult to see the deer, with this showy crown.

“When I approached to photograph him, he didn’t even move.

Credit: Newsflash
Mario Barito captured a deer with a string of lights wrapped around its antlers on 21st March near Cortina, Italy.

“Now they are used to people, as in winter they stay close to the houses where they find food “.

Once he shared the captivating photo on his social media, it soon circulated across the internet, causing various reactions among netizens.

Some were able to truly enjoy the rare view of the ‘Christmas deer’, while others saw animal suffering and a symbol of the difficult coexistence between man and nature.

One netizen wrote: “I don’t know how this photo can make you laugh.”

Someone else added: “What a pain, poor animal, it comforts me that soon he will lose his horns and will be free from this cumbersome decoration.”

Several different scenarios of might have happened were discussed among the public.

It is known that at Christmas time that particular area is filled with lights and decorations for the winter festivities.

Perhaps the animal was attracted to those lights and went on to explore them until it became entangled in them. Or perhaps the electrical wires were thrown into some improvised landfill, again capturing the deer’s curiosity.

Despite this unusual decorative element which may seem unfortunate to some, the animal is in no danger.

The moulting period, during which males shed their antlers, starts at the beginning of March and lasts until May for the little ones. Losing its antlers, this Italian mammal will free itself from its wreath at the same time.

In the meantime, he has extended the magic of Christmas for a few more months.

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Story By: Tijana Milikj, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

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