Velvet Spider Pet Feeds On Tiny Bug

This footage shows a tiny little velvet spider feasting on an equally tiny bug.

Its owner – feature film previs and animation artist Miro Skandera, 47, – filmed the fuzzy-legged creature while snatching its prey.


In an interview with Newsflash, Miro said the clip was filmed at his home in Los Angeles, in the US state of California.

The tiny spider seen in the footage is one of Miro’s pet velvet spiders Eresus Blue Sidi, who at the moment is so young that it is not possible to tell its gender yet.

But that did not stop Miro’s nephew from giving it a name and named it Spinarak, after the Pokemon character.

Miro said: “These spiders are very popular for their pretty faces and ease of care.

“They come from hot climates and don’t need more moisture than a cactus.

“As far as food goes they like roaches, flies, crickets and anything they can overpower.

“I noticed they have an interesting method of hunting when they often go to bite the limbs first, and later go for more fatal strikes to the head and body.

“I keep around 100 spiders.”

When he is not tending to his many pets, this arachnid fanatic spends his time working on some of the world’s most famous and popular films.

Miro told Newsflash: ” I work on feature films like Into The Spiderverse 2, Transformers, Black Panther and many more as a previs artist designing action scenes.”

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Story By: Simona KitanovskaSub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

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