Turk Food Firm Renames Negro Biscuit To Avoid Causing Offence

A Turkish food company has changed the name of their 30-year-old chocolate ‘Negro’ biscuit brand to ‘Nero’ to avoid being criticised as racist.

The food firm Eti made the announcement this week, revealing that the popular Negro biscuit will undergo a name change to avoid offending anyone.

As a result, the biscuit will now be called Nero instead of Negro, the word for the colour black in Spanish, Portuguese and other languages, and later appropriated in English to mean a person of Black African heritage.

Out of fears of a possible backlash, Eti has removed the letter ‘g’ and the dark choccy biscuit will now be Nero, the name of Rome’s fifth emperor.

Turkish food company Eti has changed the name of one of their most consumed biscuits, ‘Negro’, over racism concerns and named it ‘Nero’ on 1st December 2021.

The Turkish company announced the decision on 1st December over concerns of being criticised as racist.

In a statement, Eti said: “Negro, which was released in 1990, will now be called Nero.”

The woke company added: “Negro is a biscuit that gets its name from its colour. However, this name indicates discrimination in other cultures.

“For this reason, we are changing its name. We know that one letter changes a lot. Eti Negro is now Eti Nero. We don’t want to break anyone’s heart.”

The company added that the ingredients will not change and the only difference will be the altered name.

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Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorJames King,  Agency: Newsflash

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