Trolled Woman Given 2-Hr Makeover By Samaritan Stylists

This 21-year-old Egyptian woman has been given a two-hour makeover and free photoshoot after she was targeted by online trolls for her appearance at her engagement party which led to her fiancee breaking up with her.

According to reports, photos of heavily made-up Hadeer Mohammed went viral after they were snapped at her engagement party and were later widely circulated on social media.

Local media said the Egyptian couple split up as a result of the online abuse targeted at her.

Credit: CEN
21-year old Hadeer Mohammed

Online trolls reportedly slammed the woman’s heavy makeup and outfit on her special day.

During the online bullying, Mohammed explained to Egyptian media that she had limited funds and had to do her own makeup to save money.

She said: “I celebrated my engagement like anyone else would do, but I was surprised when people started sharing my images online.

“Of course it saddened me, why would they do that?”

However, an Egyptian photographer and hair stylist came to her rescue amid the online abuse to offer her a free makeover and photoshoot.

Wedding photographer Kareem Youssef told local media: “It was an incident that did not go unnoticed. People were so cruel to her online, they not only mocked her appearance but also her financial situation.

“We began searching for her and were able to get her contact details to arrange a meeting.”

Along with makeup artist Yasmen Sobhy, the pair transformed the 21-year-old woman in a two-hour makeover session before photographing the results in a series of professional snaps.

The photographer said: “When she saw the results in the mirror, she was very over the moon.”

He added: “She could not believe it was her!”

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Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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