Thugs Dump Pensioners Aid Package On the Ground

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Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment two thugs destroy a grocery bag that an OAP had been given as part of a humanitarian aid project – because it was organised by a local politician they apparently did not like.

The bizarre incident took place in the city of Kryvyi Rih in south-eastern Ukraine’s Dnipropetrovsk Oblast region, and was recorded on a smart phone camera by one of the hoodlums.

Footage shows an OAP walking down the road with a plastic bag full of humanitarian aid in the form of some basic foodstuffs that was provided to her by the Ukrainian ‘Opposition Block’ MP Dmitriy Shpenov.

Credit: CEN
Ukrainian radicals took away grocery bag from OAP

Shpenov is a lawyer and MP in the anti Russia party that was recently named on a list of people and companies in the Ukraine facing sanctions over their actions “in connection with the unfriendly actions of Ukraine against Russian citizens and legal entities”.

It is assumed his membership of the “Opposition Block” party was the reason he was named but he has also been instrumental in organising legal reforms in the country among the courts and the judiciary.

The man behind the camera first asked the woman if she had received a bag of food aim from the corrupt Shpenov, and after she confirmed it, he decided to take a look what she had inside of it.

He said: “Pasta, as always”, and then asked the woman: “Aren’t you ashamed of taking this?”

The woman answered: “I have to survive somehow.”

The cameraman then continued: “Your pension is not enough for you?”

Credit: CEN
Ukrainian radicals took away grocery bag from OAP

She answered: “No, it is not enough.”

And the man then added: “Then you should find a job to make some extra money.”

The sad woman could only say that she was already old and nobody would hire her which angered the duo more, accusing the OAP of accepting a bribe for her vote.

Next, a man identified as Vitalik, who was standing next to the cameraman, takes the bag of pasta out of the plastic bag, opens it and tips the contents on the ground.

The visibly upset and scared woman is then seen walking away from the pair.

Online people accused the MP of staging the video and accused the incident of being fake news in a bid to boost his profile for his humanitarian efforts. They said no-one matching the woman’s appearance lived in the area, and that they did not believe the men were real either.

Credit: CEN
Ukrainian radicals took away grocery bag from OAP

The MP himself has confirmed handing out aid to people but said the woman was carrying a much smaller aid package, and that it was not in the usual coloured aid bag.

Member of Ukrainian Parliament Oleksiy Zhuravko, 45, commented the incident: “The OAP did not sell her vote, she simply wants to survive. The woman is forced to take this aid from the so-called parliamentarians. But those radicals, are in fact real Nazis, they are inhuman monsters.”

Netizen ‘Sasha Vherkavskiy’ said: “Those are terrible men.”

While another one ‘Mikhail Kopylov’ added: “My mood has plummeted down after watching this video. This is simply awful.”

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