Terrifying Veiled Ghostly Figure Captured Lurking Behind Smiling Fishermen As They Snap Photo

This is the terrifying photo of what appears to be a white ghostly figure lurking just behind two fishermen who decided to snap a picture before heading home with their catch.

The mysterious ‘figure’ was captured by a group of unnamed fishermen on the Mojotoro River, which is located in the Argentine province of Salta, on the night of 16th November, reported Cronica yesterday (17th November).

The two friends in the photograph had gone fishing with two other friends, one of whom took two pictures of the pair standing side by side in the exact same spot at almost the same angle.

Everything appeared normal until they got home and compared the two pictures, at which point they noticed the ghostly white figure standing just a few feet behind them.

Two fishermen from Salta, Argentina in Spain in a photo with allegedly a ghost behind (left).

One of the fishermen told Cronica: “This happened last night, we went fishing in the Mojotoro River from 5pm and we stayed there until 10pm, we saw the photos when we got home and we couldn’t believe it.”

The group of four friends from the neighbourhood of El Mirador in the city of Salta, uploaded the spooky images to social media where netizens tried to come up with explanations for the strange ghostly figure.

One of the fishermen said that the figure looks like a young woman wearing a veil, according to Cronica.

Salta has become notorious for reports from locals of paranormal activity, with regular claims of chairs apparently moving through rooms of their own accord, shadows appearing on walls and tables being thrown around violently, reports Cronica.

The first photo of the fishermen from Salta, Argentina in Spain when there was nothing behind them.

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Story By: Peter Barker, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

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