Sunk Sub Confirmed As Nazi U Boat That ‘Helped Hitler Flee Germany’

A mysterious sunk sub at the bottom off the South Atlantic Ocean has been confirmed as a Nazi World War II U-boat that could have helped Adolf Hitler flee Germany.

Underwater excavations of the vessel began two years ago after it was found more than 80 feet down on the seabed off the coast of Quequen.

Many historians and Nazi hunters believe it was used to evacuate Hitler and other leading Nazis all the while Allied troops were conquering Germany.

Now divers, it has emerged, have positively identified clear signs of the 80-foot-long submarine’s origins.

Nazi-era weapons specialist Fabio Bisciotti, from the Italian Naval League, confirmed it as a U-boat after a new dive last month (April).

Veteran Nazi hunter Abel Basti explained: “The difficulty was always because this submarine is semi-buried up to the deck and destroyed by explosives.

“Then we have to do a very detailed reconstruction task of the pieces that can be observed.

“But the experts clearly identify the corresponding pieces on a German submarine.”

Its turret and periscope are said to be the exact dimensions of those found on captured intact U-boats and manufactured in the same way.

Mysteriously divers also found scrap metal that had been dumped on the wreck in an apparent attempt to thwart the discovery.

The conformation contradicts previous conclusions by the Argentine Commission to Clarify Nazi Activities in Argentina, reports local media.

One of the images obtained by an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) of the Argentine Naval Prefecture where the periscope of the submarine would be seen, undated. The expedition that seeks to identify the alleged Nazi submarine sunk in Necochea, Argentina, would have obtained new evidence. (Eslabon Perdido Naval prefecture image/Newsflash)

In the 1990s it denied the presence of German submarines off the Argentine coast after the war.

But the new investigation, led by the Nazi-hunting Lost Link group, is said to show that German leaders like Hitler could have escaped to South America.

Abel Basti explained: “In my research, most are direct testimonies, that some are uploaded to my YouTube channel and my last book presents photos of Hitler after the war, that is, in exile in South America,”

Basti said that Hitler did not commit suicide in 1945 but died aged 80 in South America travelling around the continent to Chile, Brazil. Bolivia, Colombia and Paraguay.

He said: “He had a life of travel and meetings with his old comrades, with politicians, with military, with businessmen living as a retiree with high purchasing power, so to speak.

“Because silver was not lacking, so part of his life was dedicated to travelling.”

Specialists observed scrap metal that would have been “planted” to alter the site of the shipwreck, undated. The expedition that seeks to identify the alleged Nazi submarine sunk in Necochea, Argentina, would have obtained new evidence. (Newsflash)

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Story By: Michael LeidigSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

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