Parkour Daredevil Descends 11-Storey Building In 30 Secs

This is the death-defying moment a daredevil parkour practitioner descends from the top of an 11-storey building to ground in just over 30 seconds.

The incident was filmed at the Nam Shan Estate in the area of Shek Kip Mei in the south-eastern Chinese region of Hong Kong and posted on Facebook where it has been seen 53,000 times.

Video Credit: AsiaWire/@taiparkour1

In the clip, the young man is seen nimbly dropping down from the top floor using the balcony railings before reaching the ground and running off, all in just over 30 seconds.

Reports said that the young daredevil climbed down at least eight balconies before dropping onto an overhead canopy covering the second floor and jumping down to ground level.

Credit: AsiaWire
He descended from the 11th floor of a building by climbing down the balconies of the building

It is unclear whether the local authorities are investigating the parkour enthusiast.

Parkour is a discipline based on military obstacle course training where practitioners aim to get from one point to another in the fastest way possible without the use of assistive equipment.

One netizen commented: “Life does not have a take two!”

Another social media user said: “Kids are going to watch this and teach themselves how to do dangerous stunts like that.”

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Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorJoseph Golder,  Agency: Asia Wire Report

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