Otter Family Run Onto Deserted Petrol Station Forecourt

This is the viral moment a family of otters are spotted running onto a petrol station forecourt deserted during the coronavirus lockdown.

The fun scenes were recorded at a Shell petrol station in the Bukit Timah area of the Central Region of the city-state of Singapore.

In the clip, the group of six otters can be seen running across a quiet road and onto the petrol station forecourt.

Credit: CEN/@/abang.ard.1

The animals all then lie down on the forecourt, seemingly catching their breath, before they get up and continue running.

Netizen ‘Abang Ard’ who uploaded the clip provided bizarre commentary to the scene, showing his shock as he had never seen an otter before.

He said in the clip “Now what animal is this? Who can answer? What is this? It kind of looks like a seal. I’m not sure if they’re dangerous or not. But what is this animal?

“ What is it? It can’t be a monkey right? Is it a seal? Let’s try to zoom in. They look like seals.”

Credit: CEN/@/abang.ard.1
Six otters spotted on a petrol station

Other netizens were quick to inform the animals were otters whilst others poked fun, such as ‘Adzhar Tahir’ who wrote: “Dinosaur.”

Local media report the bizarre sighting comes after a white horse was spotted in a Shell petrol station in Singapore earlier this month.

According to the latest figures from the Johns Hopkins University, Singapore has registered 10,141 cases of COVID-19 and 12 deaths.

Credit: CEN/@/abang.ard.1
Six otters spotted on a petrol station

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