Man Has 4 Major Organs On Wrong Side

A healthy man was shocked to discover that four of his major organs are on the wrong side of his body.

Abuzer Urkmez from Adiyaman in south-eastern Turkey was surprised to learn that he has the rare congenital condition situs inversus and that his heart, liver, spleen and stomach are on the opposite side of his body.

One of four children, Abuzer and his older sister both have the condition.

Their livers are on the left as opposed to normally being on the right, while their hearts, spleens and stomachs are on the right when they are commonly found on the left side of the body.

Video Credit: CEN

Situs inversus is considered extremely rare and the normal arrangement of the internal organs is known as situs solitus.

Radiology expert Dr. Taner Bulut from the Adiyaman Research and Training Hospital said that the condition developed in the womb.

Interview with the doctor

He added: “This is a rare condition and having more than one organ on the opposite side is even rarer. In medicine, we call this ‘inversus’. However, the condition will not affect Abuzer’s health.”

Abuzer told local media: “My organs are on the opposite side, but it does not seem to affect my life.

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