Low Tech Yaks Carry High Tech 5G Up Mount Everest

These images show yaks carrying hi-tech equipment up the side of Mount Everest so that a network of 5G antennas linked by a Gigabit optical fibre network could be completed on deadline this week.

The yaks are widely used for transport in the Himalayas with animals capable of standing the extreme cold Internet because of their thick fur and layers of fat as well as large lungs and heart to tackle the high elevation. It makes them the perfect transport animals for carrying large loads over a long period of time.

It was just what the team needed in order to get the equipment for the highest 5G antenna in the world up to a height of 6,500 metres were it could be worked on by engineers from China Mobile and Huawei. As well as the antenna, the technology they were installing also includes a Gigabit optical fibre network.

 Credit: AsiaWire / Huawei

The opening was timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the first successful climb of Mount Everest from the northern slope with Huawei installing the Everest dual Gigabit network linking base stations in the Mount Everest Base Camp at the attitude of 5,300 meters, the Transition Camp at 5,800 meters, and the Forward Camp at 6,500 meters.

The installation of the network is only the first step however, as the two companies have a network of engineers on site to maintain and continue to optimise the new technology.

They also plan to use the network in order to properly measure the true height of Mount Everest, currently officially listed as 8,848 metres (29,029 ft).

Credit: AsiaWire / Huawei
Huawei and China Mobile staff hike up Mount Everest to install the world’s highest 5G tower at 6,500 metres (21,325 feet)

Huawei noted that the extremely compact technology they have developed for 5G made it particularly suitable for deployment in the extreme environment found on Mount Everest, where it could be carried on the backs of the yaks.

The technology was invented in the region to on the one hand provide 5G high-definition video of the magnificent mountain vistas available in the area, and on the other hand to be available for mountaineers, scientists and other specialists working in the area.

Credit: AsiaWire / Huawei
Huawei staff install a 5G communications tower on Mount Everest

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Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

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