Keeper Rescues Baby Duck Eaten Alive By Greedy Pelican

A young duck that had been swallowed alive by a pelican is quickly rescued by an alert keeper who then speedily separates the greedy pelican from its smaller cousin.

The incident happened at a park in Xi’an which is the capital of China’s Shaanxi Province on 4th May.

The visitors to the park raised the alarm when they saw that the pelican had swallowed the little duck in the pond allowing them to grab the bigger bird in order to rescue the duck before it was too late.

The video ended with the staff member angrily dragging the pelican away and locking it up where it could no longer attempt to eat the smaller ducks.

Online commentators like ‘Purple Snow’ said: “He actually ate his colleague. That’s terrible.”

And user ‘Pellado’ said: “Looks like someone is really hungry.”

While the user ‘Little Q’ said: “Anyone who catches this guy needs to be quick.”

Photo shows a pelican attempting to swallow a duck at Xi’an Green Rabbit Animal and Plant Theme Park in Xi’an, China on May 6th. A member of the park staff intervened and isolated the pelican to prevent further incidents. (Miaomiao/AsiaWire)

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