Girl Shares Bread With Cops During Colombia Protests

This is the moment a young girl is recorded offering food to police officers in riot gear during the protests sweeping Colombia.

The touching scene was captured in the city of Bogota, the Colombian capital, which has seen protests and strikes against President Ivan Duque.

In the video, the girl, whose name has not been reported, can be seen walking up to the officers blocking the street and offering them bread.

Video Credit: CEN/@IvanMarinSoyYo

Several of the officers take bread from the bag and thank the kindhearted youngster for the gift.

The police officers were stationed outside a supermarket to help avoid problems during the protests.

The video has received over 182,000 views online and received thousands of comments, such as ‘andremuve’ who wrote: “How much innocence, I wish we perceived things like kids do. If we were acting like them everything would be different”.

While ‘7iGGO’ added: “Risky girl, luckily she did not have gas thrown at her or receive a kick”.

Credit: CEN/@IvanMarinSoyYo
The girl offering chips to the police during the protest

‘Julianmao9’ said: “This breaks all the hearts and shows kindness… the fight is for them to live more and better than us… let’s go Colombia and move forward”.

Tens of thousands of Colombians have gone out in the streets of Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Bucaramanga, Cucuta and other cities to ask the government to stop poverty and inequality.

According to the Interior Ministry, around 207,000 people have participated in the protests in the country, while local media report that 250,000 have taken part in the protests.

There were problems in the streets as some protesters reportedly used Molotov cocktails, stones and bricks against public buildings in Bogota and faced up to cops in order to break into the headquarters of the city council.

Credit: CEN/@IvanMarinSoyYo
The girl offering chips to the police during the protest

In Cali, a curfew was ordered after a protest of around 20,000 people attacked businesses, the Mayor of the city Maurice Armitage told local media.

According to official sources, 3 people have died, while 28 officers and eight people have been injured. Local media reports 337 people have been arrested, 29 of them foreign nationals.

President Duque on Sunday opened talks to find solutions to the situation, as protests continue to turn violent. Further protests are reportedly due to take place today (Monday).

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