Ghostbusters Alert As Spooky Manhole Cover Bounces

This is the moment a manhole cover opens and closes by itself in a widely-circulated video that saw netizens asking if anyone has called the Ghostbusters.

The incident was filmed by a motorist in the city of Deva in the central Romanian county of Hunedoara and shared on Facebook by netizen ‘Flaviu Crisan’ where it has been seen 66,000 times. 

Video Credit: CEN/@flaviu.crisan

The manhole cover was reportedly bouncing from pressure created by a period of heavy rains that flooded the underground sewer system.

Crisan said that there had only been 30 minutes of heavy rainfall when he filmed the bouncing manhole cover.

Credit: CEN
Netizens have reacted, calling for the Ghostbusters intervention

Dorin Jurgiu, head of the Apa Prod water company, told local media that the “sewers are full” and the excess water and pressure is “pushing up the manhole covers”.

Netizens had a lot to say about the bouncing covers. ‘Mircea Lacatus’ commented: “Did anyone call the Ghostbusters?”

‘Bogdan Mircea-Botez’ wrote: “Don’t blame the local authorities, the manhole cover is possessed. We should call in a witch to perform some spells.”

‘Victor Adamescu’ wrote: “Are you not aware that’s how roads communicate with us? The tarmac is telling is it has a toothache.”

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Story By: Gabriel ZamfirSub-Editor:Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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