Footage Of Majorca Cops In Biggest Drug Bust Ever

This is the moment Spanish cops unearth a cocaine lab at a Majorca villa – in an operation they claim is one of the biggest drug-trafficking busts ever on the Balearic Islands.

The bust took place in Lloseta, a town in Majorca in the Balearic Islands off eastern Spain leading to the arrest of 15 people between Spain and Colombia.

Video Credit: CEN

In a video released by the Civil Guard, the officers can be seen going down the stairs of a house to a basement where they find a suitcase full of plastic containers.

In the footage, they then find a plastic box holding a few plastic bags full of white powder.

Credit: CEN
The Civil Guard dismantles drug place

The video also shows cops finding cooking utensils such as a sieve and a pot.

The Civil Guard claimed in a media statement that they found three and a half kilograms of pure cocaine, while the media reported that five kilograms of the same substance ready to sell were seized in the operation. 

The drugs allegedly arrived in Spain in containers coming from the Atlantic coast of Colombia and was brought to the island from mainland Spain camouflaged in trucks that made maritime trade routes. 

The Civil Guard believe the operation was part of an international network that supplied the Spanish Balearic islands with the drug, claiming they dismantled it.

A spokesman of the Spanish Civil Guard told central European News that the operation is “possibly one of the biggest related to drug trafficking in the Balearic islands”.

The Civil Guard added that nine people have been arrested in Mallorca, three in Barcelona and three others in Colombia as part of the international network. 

Credit: CEN
The Civil Guard dismantles drug place

Police also extended the search to properties in the towns of Majadahonda, in Madrid, Vic and Cornella de Llobregat, Barcelona, and Marratxi, Lloseta and Cala Ratjada, in Majorca, as well as in the Majorcan capital Palma. 

The Civil Guard further seized a lot of products to mix the cocaine with, 16,200 EUR (14,655 GBP), 560 USD (458 GBP), and 200 GBP in cash, a truck tractor unit used to transport the drug and three cars.

The dismantled laboratory was reportedly perfectly organised for the treatment and processing of cocaine. 

The spokesman added: “A Thermomix was reportedly used in the laboratory to mix pure cocaine with cutting substances.”

According to the press statement, after using acetone and hydrochloric acid, the drug was pressed until the ‘brick’ of a kilo was obtained.

Investigations around the international network started early 2018 in Majorca, when a group of Spanish, Colombian and Dominican people who allegedly brought significant amounts of cocaine to the island of Majorca were identified. 

Credit: CEN
The Civil Guard showing seized staff

They allegedly hid the drug in the interior of trucks that take maritime trade routes from mainland Spain to the Balearic Islands.

Local authorities managed to identify those allegedly responsible for smuggling the drug in Spain from Colombia at the beginning of July when a kilogramme of cocaine was intercepted in the town of Port de Alcudia in Ibiza.  

Following the investigation, Spanish police and Colombian police were able to seize 80 kilogrammes of cocaine at the beginning of June in the port of Buenaventura, in Colombia. Three Colombian people were reportedly arrested after the operation.

The operation was directed by the Team Against Organised Crime of the Balearic Islands and the Judicial Police Team of Algaida with support from different units of the Spanish Civil Guard in the Balearic Islands, Madrid and Barcelona.

It is unclear if the suspects have been charged.


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Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub-EditorAlex Cope, Agency: Central European News

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