Cops Find First Victim Of Satanist Serial Killers Suspected Of Eating People In Sick Rituals

The Russian police have found the first gruesome remains of a victim of a Satan-worshipping couple suspected of murdering and eating multiple people in sick rituals.

Satanists Andrei Tregubenko and Olga Bolshakova have so far confessed to two killings that took place in the Russian regions of Leningrad Oblast and the Karelia Republic in 2016.

The couple was arrested for a drugs offence, but confessed to two counts of murder, dismemberment and cannibalism at the police station, according to local media.

However, investigators suspect there are more killings they are yet to confess to.

Like the suspects, the two victims so far known were passionate about black magic and trusted their suspected killers.

They were lured to a forest on the pretext of taking part in a satanic ritual but were themselves sacrificed, according to reports.

The news site Fontanka said officers recovered a body from a forest in Priozersk in Kazakhstan on 5th August. The shocking discovery took place one day after the suspects confessed to killing, dismembering and partially eating two followers in the region.

The victim’s remains, including bones and parts of dismembered limbs, were sent for forensics analysis by the police.

The victim has not been identified yet, but is believed to be one of either Platon Stepanov or Viktoria Zaitseva, both 27 and missing for the last five years.

Tregubenko’s sister told local media that her brother only became interested in Satanism after meeting Bolshakova.

However, according to his sister, Bolshakova now blames her lover for everything that has happened, claiming she started using drugs because of him and that he beat her frequently.

Local media said Tregubenko started cooperating with the police after being informed of his girlfriend’s claims against him.

The sister claimed that Bolshakova started dealing drugs when she was with her previous boyfriend and carried on with the practice after meeting her brother because they were both unemployed and dependent on the cash.

According to the news site Gazeta, the couple was members of a sect and other suspected members have also been arrested as part of the ongoing investigation.

Reports also said that the satanic couple has two children together, currently being cared for by Tregubenko’s sister.

The investigation continues.

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Story By:  Andreea Tabarcea, Sub-Editor: James King, Agency: Newsflash

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