China Science Lad Named Little Sheldon Is An Online Hit

This young Chinese lad has become an online hit – nicknamed “Little Sheldon” after the character from the The Big Bang Theory – by offering science experiments on his own video channel.

The boy who lives with his parents in the city of Guangzhou that is in Guangdong province in southern China has attracted more than 230,000 followers on his social media video platform where he has been nicknamed “Little Sheldon” after the character from the The Big Bang Theory with over 100 videos posted online showing his scientific experiments.

Video Credit: AsiaWire/happypika

His parents said they noticed that the little boy, who also goes by the nickname Pika, really came alive when explaining about the science experiments he had done at school and his mother then encouraged him to repeat some of them.

Credit: AsiaWire
Pika is not just performing the experiments, but also learns the science behind them

She had then filmed one of his early experiments in April this year, when he was unaware he was being filmed, and posted it online. It showed how it was possible to fill a balloon with carbon dioxide produced by mixing vinegar with baking soda inside a bottle.

Since then the number of videos he has produced has grown, and he has continued to learn new tricks to share with his growing number of fans.

He admits he is not always eager to work on his science experiments, but said his mother encouraged him and he also says he likes getting her to read him the best comments from his online followers.

Credit: AsiaWire
The videos he shares includes explanations of what he is doing

She said the encouraging words made him happy and she said she was not trying to show off a boy genius, but rather to show the educational process in a child and also share how she motivated him by giving him picture books.

She said he is not simply repeating the experiments but learning from them, and she hoped that by sharing that with other people they would also find it interesting.

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