Chimp Thows Back Child’s Shoe That It Dropped Into Its Pen

Clever chimp picks up a shoe that has been dropped by a child being carried by its dad and throws it back up to its owner.

The video shows a chimpanzee at the Xixiakou Zoo in Weihai, a prefecture-level city and major seaport city in the eastern Shandong Province of China.

The chimpanzee initially has the shoe in its mouth, but after deciding that it is not something that can be eaten, and on the instructions of a person who is apparently a keeper, the clever chimp then throws the shoe back into the crowd.

Local media reported that when the parents saw the chimp munching down on the shoe, they called to a keeper who was nearby, and when the keeper shouted at the chimp, it instantly responded and threw the shoe back.

A spokesman for the Xixiakou Zoo said that the chimp named Dongdong was very clever and quick to react to instructions from its keeper.

The video attracted widespread online attention after it was shared on 13th May, with commentators like ‘Huaxia’ saying: “The children were happy.”

And user ‘Irish12345’ said: “It’s so smart!”

While the user ‘Rumors’ said: “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.”

Chimpanzee returns slipper to a tourist in Weihai, China, undated. Its name is Dong Dong. (AsiaWire)

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