Blonde Reptile Lover Gets Up Close And Personal With Fearsome Alligators

This is the moment a blonde reptile lover gets up close and personal with one of her favourite alligators named Jaws.

Savannah Boan is a Crocodilian Enrichment Coordinator at the Gatorland theme park in Orlando in the US state of Florida, and also an international ambassador for Gatorland Global Conservation.

In an interview with Newsflash, Boan explained how her unusual passion for large reptiles came about, saying: “The first time I ever saw an alligator was when I was a very young girl, about 4 or 5, while on vacation at Gatorland. It has been my dream ever since!

“Being up close and personal with our animals at Gatorland is a dream come true for me.”

Credit: @savannahboan/Newsflash

She added: “My mum and dad and most of my friends think I’m crazy, but I think they’re now getting a better picture of things lately and they’ve calmed down about it!”

She said that the alligators seen in the footage are American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis).

She added: “ Alligators are social beings and often come together in congregations called groups. Typically these groups are seen sunbathing or swimming. Externally, alligators control their temperature. They are ectothermic or cold-blooded, just like most reptiles.“

Boan told Newsflash: “The video with multiple alligators is from our main lake at Gatorland. The lake is approximately 15 acres long and all the alligators there are super happy, well fed, and they have lots of mates to choose from.

“The video of me and the alligator talking is a feisty alligator here at Gatorland named Jaws, he is definitely one of everyone’s favourites.

Credit: @savannahboan/Newsflash
This is the moment when an alligator is fed by Savannah Bond of the Crocodilian Enrichment Coordinator for Gatorland in Orlando, Florida, USA.

“Alligators are very dangerous Apex predators, for sure. We must always be respectful of their power and space. Alligators are a keystone species here in Florida and are very important to our ecosystem.”

She added: “It is illegal in the state of Florida to feed wild alligators. We work very hard to protect them.”

Boan told Newsflash: “Alligators are breeding this time of year, which means they are on the move and looking for females to breed with. The bigger males are displacing the smaller ones in ponds and lakes so the little guys tend to show up in strange places like swimming pools here in Florida.”

Gatorland is a 110-acre wildlife and adventure park that is dedicated to all the animals that live there as well as educating the public about the wildlife in Florida and around the world.

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Story By:  Arian Movileanu, Sub-Editor: James King, Agency: Newsflash

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