Black Panther Confirmed Roaming Area Of Southern Spain

A black panther has confirmed to be on the loose in a town near Granada, in Southern Spain.

Andalucian authorities have warned that the predator is at large in the town of Ventas de Huelma after they were notified the rumours were true by police on Tuesday, 15th September.

They have told the public to avoid the fields around the town and not to approach the animal if they spot it, Antena 3 reports.

Granada City Council has sent environmental agents to search the area along with Civil Guard Seprona agents.

Credit: Newsflash
A message of the municipality of Ventas de Huelma in the southern Spanish province of Granada warning local residents about the panther

The teams are using thermal imaging cameras and helicopters to patrol the area from above as well.

The animal had first been cited but not confirmed a few days earlier, but the confirmation came when a cyclist managed to get a clear photograph of the big cat, confirming its existence, 20 Minutos reports.

The panther is believed to be constantly changing its location and is believed to be travelling between the neighbouring towns.

It is not yet known where the panther originally came from.

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Story By: Pol F, Sub-Editor: James King, Agency: Newsflash

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