6th Monolith Appears In Netherlands With No Footprints Despite Frosty Ground

A sixth monolith has appeared in the Netherlands after three were found across the globe over the weekend.

The mysterious structure was spotted by hikers travelling through Friesland near the village of Oudehorne at the Kiekenberg nature reserve yesterday morning.

The monolith was found over the weekend at the same time as another was spotted in the Isle of Wight and a golden monolith was photographed in a field in Colombia.

The Dutch group discovered the latest monolith next to a frozen pond in the middle of a remote frosty field.

The hikers said they had no idea how the mysterious monolith got there because the ground was frosty and somehow there were no footprints.

Unlike the first monuments found in Utah and Romania, this one is said to be less shiny.

Other silver monoliths were later found in California and the Isle of Wight as well as a golden one in Colombia.

The origin of the monoliths has baffled locals with many speculating they were placed there by extraterrestrials.

After images of the Dutch structure were shared online, local officials confirmed that the monolith had indeed appeared in the nature reserve and that they were investigating who put it there and why.

The local authorities confirmed today (Monday) they were planning to investigate the matter.

A spokesman said it is illegal for anyone to erect structures in the middle of the reserve, although it was not being regarded as a major crime at this stage.

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