47yo Female MP Caught Sexting In Parliament

These images appear to show a female MP caught ‘sexting’ with her lover while attending an important vote in the Ukrainian parliament.

Elena Krivoruchkina, 47, was apparently snapped texting her boyfriend after voting to strip deputies of their immunity from prosecution.

The Ukrainian MP, who is a member of the Servant of the People party (‘Sluga Naroda’ in Russian), which is a big tent Ukrainian political party that was officially registered at the Ministry of Justice on 31st March 2018, was apparently sexting with someone called ‘Beloved’ on her phone and local media say the following is what the chat thread said.

Credit: CEN/@Elena Krivoruchkina
“I am not only a representative, I am, first of all, a person. I love, travel and breathe. Well, now the entire Ukraine know that I have a relationship,” Krivoruchkina wrote

‘Beloved’ reportedly said: “My green button [nickname], where are you? You have stopped loving me I guess.”

Krivoruchkina is said to have replied: “I love you very, very, very much. Don’t even think that I have fallen out of love.”

And ‘Beloved’ reportedly said: “The ‘button’ loves me, I know. But what about you, I cannot tell?”

Credit: CEN/@Elena Krivoruchkina
Elena Krivoruchkina on holiday

Krivoruchkina is said to have responded: “You know, you know.”

‘Beloved’ reportedly said: “Len [Elena], where are you?”

Krivoruchkina allegedly said: “The immunity has been removed. Now I want to make love to you day and night. I am at a meeting at the Verkhovna Rada [parliament].”

Krivoruchkina was outraged when journalists published her phone chat and she took to Facebook to defend herself, writing: “I am not only a deputy, I am first and foremost a person. I love, travel and breathe.

Credit: CEN/@Elena Krivoruchkina
Elena Krivoruchkina, 47, on the beach

“Now everyone in the Ukraine knows that I am in a relationship.”

The politician said that she corresponded with the unnamed man during a break at the Verkhovna Rada and therefore did not violate any rules.

Krivoruchkina also said that she has the same right to enjoy intimate relationships as her male counterparts, adding: “Don’t be jealous.”

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Story By:  Amelia GuranSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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