Zoo Accused Of Setting Wolves On Bear And Placing Bets On Fight Winner

This is the moment a brave bear successfully manages to fend off an astonishing 16 wolves trying to attack it in an enclosure.

According to the news site Yeni Cag, 16 wolves were allegedly set on the bear in Kayseri Zoo in the central Turkish province of the same name.

Mehmet Yakuter, Chairman of the Natural Life Protection Association (DHKD), who made the claim, said: “We learned from a report we received that 16 wolves were set on a bear in Kayseri Zoo. It is obvious that they tried to make the animal fight with these wolves.


“We think betting on animal fighting is common in the Central Anatolia Region and Kayseri.

“For this reason, we believe that Kayseri Zoo officials and municipal officials carried out this act to harass and torture the bear by placing a bet on the wolves and the bear.

“We have conveyed the matter directly to the Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Mr Memduh Buyukkilic.

“We want zoos to be a place of love for animals, to work on the protection of endangered animals, even if they are in captivity, and make a difference in this field.”

Several wolves allegedly have been set on a caged bear to see who would win in a bet, apparently in Kayseri Zoo in Kayseri, Turkey.

The video of the incident, which was shared by Turkish media, shows the bear in an enclosure trying to protect itself from the advancing wolves. The bear is seen attempting to scare the wolves away by running towards them.

Buket Ergin, head of the Environmental Protection and Control Department of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, refuted the allegations to the ANKA News Agency.

She said there were 21 wolf cages next to the bear’s enclosure and that the wolves and their cubs often dug up the ground and tunnelled under to the bear’s side, thereby avoiding touching the electric wires around its enclosure.

She said that the allegations of zoo employees placing bets on fights between the animals were completely untrue.

It is unknown whether an investigation has been launched into the incident.

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Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: William McGee, Agency:  Central European News

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