Young Boy Delivers Baby Piglets With Bare Hands

This is the moment a young boy says “I am a doctor” before he delivers several piglets and expertly tears off their umbilical cords with his bloodied bare hands.

The budding young vet was filmed delivering piglets in an unspecified location in Serbia after netizen ‘Cale Vukanjac’ posted two clips on the Facebook timelines of ‘‎Dobra Zsemlja’.


Video Credit: CEN/@vukanjac

The social media post included the message: “My grandson is small, but he is a genius!”

In the footage, the unnamed boy has his lower arm inserted into the sow as he talks to the camera and pulls out one cute little piglet.

He promptly tears off the umbilical cord and strokes the newborn alongside a young girl, presumably a relative.

Credit: CEN
Young boy helps pig give birth

The young girl walks off holding two dangly umbilical cords as the boy places the piglet next to the sow’s udder for its first feed.

He then thrusts his hand back inside the sow and pulls out a bloodied piglet.

Netizens were amazed that the little boy was so good at the messy job at hand, with ‘Zoran Ninkovic’ commenting: “How can he do this? It is really disgusting for me and he does it like it’s nothing!”

‘Bosiljka Rajsic’ said: “A future veterinarian if ever I’ve seen one. What a sweet soul.”

‘Milan Prodanovic’ wrote: “Well done to whoever showed him how to do this.”

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Story By: Angjela TrajkovskaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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