Young Blind Girl Teaches Pal To Use Walking Cane

This is the moment a blind girl teaches her visually impaired pal how to use a cane in order to walk safely.

The two girls are part of Fundal, an organisation based in the municipality of Mixco in Guatemala that works to develop the abilities of deaf-blind, blind and visually impaired minors.

In the video, a young girl named Valentina can be seen showing her friend Mia how to use a cane to walk safely.

Video Credit: CEN/@FUNDALGT

Valentina says: “Hold it like this! And your index finger goes here! And then move your stick like this…

“While you use the other hand to explore. Explore like this!”

The blind girl teaches her friend how to use the cane

Mia then begins walking, holding the cane in her left hand as Valentina shows her to use her right hand to “explore” the environment around her.

Valentina then says: “Come closer and start exploring. I’m walking right here in case anything happens to you.”

When she feels that Mia is holding the cane to the side of her, Valentina says “no, no Mia! Keep the stick in front of you” and the pair continue walking.

As the pair walk down a ramp a carer says: “What’s up Mia? We are all here!”

Diana Bonilla, Fundal’s Director of Communications, told Central European News that the moment in the video was very special, adding: “Although children frequently help each other, this is the first time we have been able to record a moment like this to share it with the world.” 

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Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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