Womans Mouth Stuck Open After Big Laugh On Train

These images show a train passenger who required emergency treatment after she laughed so hard she managed to dislocate her jaw and then could not close her mouth again.

The unusual medical emergency happened on 1st September on a high-speed train bound for Guangzhou South Railway Station, which is in the capital of Guangdong Province in South China.

Credit AsiaWire
Doctor Luo Wenyuan setting the passenger’s jaw on a train

Doctor Luo Wensheng, with Liwan Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, had boarded train number G2938 from Kunming, capital of south-western Yunnan Province, and was resting when he heard the broadcast.

He said: “I was resting when I heard an announcement asking whether there were any doctors [onboard].

“I rushed over and found the passenger unable to speak or close her mouth.

“She was drooling, so I initially thought she had had a stroke.

“But I took her blood pressure, then asked her some questions, and learned that she had actually dislocated her jaw.”

According to reports, the woman’s jaw fell out of place after she laughed too hard, and she was left with her mouth wide open.

“I warned her that I wasn’t an expert, but I knew how to do the procedure. I also told her there was a chance I wouldn’t be able to set it.

Credit AsiaWire
Doctor Luo Wenyuan setting the passenger’s jaw on a train

“The patient was quite nervous and her facial muscles were all very tense, so it failed on the first attempt.

“I advised her to go to a hospital instead, but train staff told us it would be another hour.

“The passenger became very agitated and wanted her jaw set right away, so I agreed to try again.

“I did it while she was distracted, and luckily it went back in place.

“The passenger revealed that she had dislocated her jaw in the past due to repeatedly vomiting during pregnancy.

“If you’ve dislocated your jaw in the past, laughing, yawning, or even just opening your mouth too wide, can lead to it happening again.”

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Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

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