Woman Stranded In Snow Uses Tinder To Find Rescuer

This pretty blonde German woman was saved from being stuck in a dangerous Norwegian winter wasteland after using Tinder to find a man to rescue her.

Professional kite surfer and self-described adventurer Lonia Haeger was travelling in a camper van with two friends in the remote Nordkapp area, on the northernmost tip of Norway, in Troms of Finnmark county, when freezing rain made the road completely impassable for them.

Lonia posted on Instagram saying: “After driving three days through Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway we made it to our first destination! The North Cape. The most northern point of Europe.

Credit: CEN/@kerkamm_campers
Stian Lauluten even brought his excavator with him

“What a wonderful rough landscape. Grateful to had the option to visit this place, but actually I was even more exited to drive further to the Lofoten. (sic)

“Just after 30 minutes driving down of the North Cape, it started raining…the street iced up that we even couldn’t stay on one point! (sic)

“The worst, we stopped in front of a mountain going down, next to the street just ocean and big rocks and we stoped exactly behind a curve.” She added: “The moment you realize your are helpless against Mother Nature. (sic)”

The three were terrified that they would be hit by another car or slide down the mountain. when the remote location emergency services were too far away to reach them quickly.

In a second posting on Instagram about what happened, alongside a picture of herself with a dog, she wrote: “While sitting in our camper with the fear that every second the car could slide down the mountain or a car could crash into our camper due to the slippery road, Phil had the weird but actually genius idea to create a tinder account with me and this fluffy cutie.”

She added that once she had done, that within minutes, a bearded local had turned up with a mechanical digger and pulled them to safety.

She wrote: “Literally 5 minutes later I had a match with @stianlauluten. Another 5 minutes later he came up with his Bulldozer and shaped lines in the ice. We followed him to the next parking slot and the day after our hero organized tires with spikes! (There wasn’t a mechanic closer than 200km). Now we can continue our road trip to the Lofoten. Tusen takk for your help @stianlauluten. (sic)”

Tinder accesses the phone’s location and then uses this to match with men in the area which allowed her to find somebody nearby that was able to help.

Credit: CEN/@loniahaeger
This pretty blonde German woman Lonia Haeger was saved from being stuck in a Norwegian winter wasteland after using Tinder to find a man to rescue her

The three had been road testing the vehicle for a company that manufactures them and the manager of the company, Steven Stade, said: “We never imagined they would get stuck like this.” He said the trio were stuck in the “middle of nowhere” and everyone was very worried about them.

He said the man who turned up, Stian Lauluten, was a “kind construction worker” who had then taken up the chat on Tinder Lonia, and turned up a few minutes later with the excavator.

It was not revealed whether the man got his date, but it is known that the three then continued on their way and are currently in Lofoten in Norway.

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Story By: Michael LeidigSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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