Woman Shot By Ex Begged Neighbours For Help On Whatsapp

This tragic beauty salon owner took to WhatsApp to beg her neighbours to help protect her shortly before she was shot dead by her stalker ex-boyfriend.

The young single mother, identified only as 34 year-old Sara L., because of local privacy laws, was shot dead by her boyfriend outside her home in the community of Maierhofen, a small rural community in the Austrian Steiermark region around 80 miles south of the capital Vienna.

The young woman who owned a local beauty salon had started a relationship with her 34-year-old law school graduate boyfriend and amateur model some months earlier and feared that he might be violent after telling him that she wanted to stop seeing him a few weeks ago.

Credit: CEN
The ex-boyfriend and alleged stalker, Rene P.

After that, he turned into a stalker, who she suspected of burgling her home two days before she died, and after finding out that he was in the area, she called the police and then took to WhatsApp urging her neighbours to help track him down.

She said: “As you may have noticed, I had a break-in two days ago, the problem is, it is my ex-boyfriend. It turns out that he has psychological problems. Now he is besieging our house!”

She added that the police had already been informed and said: “If you If he sees his car or him, please call the police immediately! We believe he is armed!”

“Without exaggeration, he is very DANGEROUS.”

She had apparently seen him running past the window of her house and it was not possible to stop him from gaining entry to the house.

The dead woman’s father said they believed that the man had hidden the gun in the house when he broke in two days previously, and then had retrieved it in order to kill her.

He apparently fired seven times, hitting her three times in the chest and killing her just as one of her brothers broke into the locked room.

Sara was so worried about what he might do, she had also sent her 13-year-old daughter to stay with her biological father and also asked her two brothers to help her, but they were unable to intervene when he shot her dead. He had then tried to shoot the brother, but the pistol had jammed.

He was arrested by police who arrived a short while later who confirmed he had a licence for the gun, which he had reported as being stolen a few days earlier.

The dead woman’s family say this is evidence that he clearly planned to kill her.

Credit: CEN
The police tweet for the murder of Sara L. the 34-year-old owner of a well-known beauty salon in Furstenfeld

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Story By:  Sofija Dizdarevik, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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