Woman Holds Dog By Hind Legs And Smashes It Against Door

This is the shocking moment a dog owner picks her pet up by its hind legs and bashes it against her front door.

The incident was filmed in the Russian capital Moscow, where the young woman, identified in local media reports as Margarita Yakimova, was filmed abusing the dog in a park and then later picking it up by its hind legs and smashing it against a door.

Video Credit: CEN/@KiraSubina

The young woman, whose age was not given, has been slammed for abusing the Shetland Sheepdog, also known as a Sheltie.

The footage was shared by animal rights activists Svetlana Gerasimova.

She said: “She began to beat the dog on the street, and then when he got back to her home, carried on. It was a shock especially because there were children watching what was going on. She was not behaving like a human being.”

Credit: CEN/@KiraSubina
The woman from Moscow beating her dog

The woman, Margarita Yakimova, reportedly has another three dogs in addition to the animal that she abused. They are all small breeds, including another Sheltie, a Spitz and a Jack Russell Terrier.

Another eyewitness quoted in local media was not named said: “Margarita was trying to walk all the dogs and wanted to comb their fur in the yard, but one of them didn’t want to hang around and ran off. That was when she grabbed it and started hitting it against the door.”

As a result of complaints, it was reported that the dog that she was filmed abusing, named Leo, had been handed over to police investigating allegations of animal cruelty, and that they had handed over to animal rights activists.

Video Credit: CEN/@KiraSubina

Svetlana Gerasimova says: “We called the police, and we managed to obtain the abuse dog on October 3, when the young woman wrote a receipt for the voluntary transfer of Leo.”

This is the 24 hours later they have managed to obtain the second Sheltie and the Jack Russell, but that the Spitz had so far eluded them because it was apparently belonging to the parents of the young woman.

They have filed a complaint demanding cops institute criminal proceedings under article 245 of the Criminal Code covering “cruelty to animals.”

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Story By:  Elena KaliogloSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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