Wolf Gives Birth To 3 Cubs And Cuts Cord With Teeth

This is the moment a mother wolf gives birth to three tiny cubs and cuts their umbilical cord with her teeth as she cares for them.

Mother wolf Jara gave birth to the three cubs in the Robledo de Sanabria area of the province of Zamora, in the central Spanish region of Castile and Leon which is home to another 14 wolves.

In the video, Jara can be seen finding a comfortable spot and seemingly howling as she prepares to give birth.

The mother can then be seen cutting the umbilical cord with her teeth before eating the placenta surrounding the tiny cubs.

Credit: Newsflash/Fundacion Patrimonio Natural Castilla y Leon

She then licks the cubs to clean them and her offspring can be seen lying close to her belly.

Jara gave birth on 14th May but the footage, recorded by the Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente Centre for Iberian Wolves of Castille and Leon, has only recently been released.

The centre said the three cubs and their mother are in perfect condition after the birth.

The cubs’ father is called Sauron (after the character from the Lord of the Rings) who was born in the Sendaviva Nature Park in the municipality of Arguedas, in the northern Spanish region of Navarra and given to the wolf centre as a cub.

Credit: Newsflash/Fundacion Patrimonio Natural Castilla y Leon
Moment of the birth of wolf cubs in Spain

Mother Jara was left at the door of the Villaralbo Centre for Wild Animals in 2013 with a note saying a family had found her in a field and taken her home as they thought she was a dog. When they realised she was a wolf they then took her to the centre.

Jara becomes the third wolf to give birth in the cave which is monitored by the centre, with wolf Dakota giving birth to one cub in June 2016 and Oscura giving birth to three live cubs and one dead cub in May 2019.

The Iberian wolf (Canis lupus signatus) is listed as ‘Vulnerable’ on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List and is the only Western European subspecies of wolf whose hunting remains legal.

However, very few hunting permits are given each year in Spain.

Credit: Newsflash/Fundacion Patrimonio Natural Castilla y Leon
Moment of the birth of wolf cubs in Spain

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