Weinsteins Cannes Chauffeur Tells All, Wants To Testify

Former Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein’s Cannes chauffeur says he wants to testify in New York against his former boss claiming he “always needed fresh meat” and assaulted women in his car.

In an interview with French TV channel France Bleu Azur on 7th January, Mickael Chemloul said that he wants to testify in front of the judge in New York, as one of the court cases against the disgraced movie kingpin begins.

Chemloul said: “I am implementing a civil summons in New York and I am ready to take the stand if the judge asks me to testify about what I lived through and what almost killed me.”

Credit: CEN
Mickael Chemloul wrote ‘Le Demon de la Croisette: Harvey Weinstein cote coulisses’, a tell-all book that was published in October 2018 by Editions Baker Street. It is available on Amazon

He was Harvey Weinstein’s driver in France from 2008 to 2013, notably at the annual Cannes Film Festival.

Chemloul wrote ‘Le Demon de la Croisette: Harvey Weinstein cote coulisses’ with Vincent Colonna. The tell-all book was published in French in October 2018 by Editions Baker Street. La Croisette is the famous promenade in Cannes where the film festival is held every year.

He said that he started working on the book as a form of therapy in 2013 after having a nervous breakdown and burning out.

He calls Weinstein “a monster” and that he was physically and verbally assaulted by Weinstein and that it “screwed up his life.”

His book describes how Weinstein allegedly did “bizarre things” in his car, while he was his chauffeur. His book describes young women who were allegedly trapped and abused by Weinstein, leaving them “in tears.”

The book also alleges that at Brad Pitt’s villa in Cannes, Chemloul was asked by Weinstein to wait outside the car while he got inside with a model. Chemloul alleges that Weinstein may have raped her, that he ripped off her underwear and bit her bottom, while the windows steamed up, and all the while the model was allegedly shouting and trying to fight Weinstein off.

In this latest interview, Chemloul said: “I suspected… When one is in such a state… And one sees Harvey Weinstein, erm… making love… to an actress or to a girl who wasn’t… very well known at the time, one asks oneself questions, because one says to oneself: ‘I wonder, is this consensual? Is this not consensual? Is she in agreement, is she not in agreement? […]'”

Credit: CEN
Mickael Chemloul posing with his book

When asked why he did not do anything when he allegedly heard the woman, who the French driver says is now a famous “French actress” who he later saw “on television brandishing her Oscar”, shouting, Chemloul said: “You know… Love is weird…

“When there were these shouts, maybe she was in pain, maybe she was not. I suspected something was up but I could not do anything. It was like I was hypnotised. And he was protected by this ‘omerta’. And then I was threatened. And then I ended up being beaten up.”

Chemloul added: “He would threaten me. He said [in English]: ‘Keep driving.'”

He added that the mogul then said that it was “none of his business” and his “private life”.

Chemloul said: “You know, when you are a chauffeur, you can’t redo the clients’ education. And you know, going to file a complaint at the time or denouncing him, […] he would have attacked me for defamation.”

He added: “I had no proof. No woman came to me and said ‘he raped me’ or ‘did you see what happened?’. So I was a silent witness. I watched things happen right in front of me. I would ask myself, is this really real? In all honesty, I was worried about what would happen. And finally today we discover the monster in front of his prey. And now today he is being confronted by the American justice system.”

Credit: CEN
Mickael Chemloul pictured standing alongside Danny Glover

Chemloul says Weinstein “ended up being violent with me. One summer evening in July 2013, he had an appointment with two call girls and they stood him up and I got it in the neck. I was hit in the face while I was driving him and I said to myself, ‘now this has to stop’.”

For Chemloul, many victims, notably French actresses, have not yet spoken up. He said that the Cannes police station is full of complaints and that the complaint that he ended up filing against Weinstein for assault was dropped for unknown reasons.

Chemloul was born in Algiers in 1961 and moved to France at the age of 14 to study before eventually starting his own chauffeur business. After stopping work due to his health problems, he has now resumed work.

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